The Listen! First edition
Each quarter, we will share a curated list of shows and episodes worth a listen with a brief review that makes it easy to get a taste of what to expect before you hit play. Some episodes may be a few years old but have renewed relevance today. If you like The Listen! or have input on something we should consider for an upcoming list, just swing us an email.

  1. In Plain Sight Lady Bird Johnson (Limited Series)

Our Take: One of the best podcasts of the year, In Plain Sight Lady Bird Johnson grabs you by the ears and transports you the sixties. It brings history, drama, politics and humanity forward using powerful original audio recorded by the first lady to Lyndon B. Johnson. This enables listeners to experience her thoughts and emotions expressed in her unmistakable southern drawl. During a tumultuous time in our nation’s history, issues of poverty, civil rights, protest movements and outdoor improvements are revisited with relevant context. Leading writer and moderator Julia Sweig successfully guides the listener without inserting herself into the story.      

Length: 9 Episodes / Average episode length: 40 minutes

Likely Listeners: History buffs, folks that liked poli sci class in college, curious consumers interested in the political climate during the time of MLK and the Kennedys. Seniors and retirees that watched the Lawrence Welk Show. And nonfiction-iados will also enjoy the many “I never knew that!” moments that the series delivers.       

Rank: A – Absolutely worth the listen!

  1. The Invisible Coach   Against the Rules Michael Lewis (Single Episode)

Our Take: Sometimes the thought of subscribing to a whole series feels daunting! Who needs the pressure? One episode can deliver tremendous satisfaction and Episode 1, Season 2 of Against the Rules delivers. Michael Lewis, the acclaimed writer of The Big Short is an affable host who creates an ear-opening episode called The Invisible Coach. It reminds us that how you start life has a direct impact on how you finish, particularly when it comes to MONEY. In this episode, listeners will learn about the impact and importance of financial literacy told through the personal experiences of relatable, hardworking people.  This episode won’t solve money woes, but it will open your ears to how a lack of financial knowledge has created generations of people that are just getting by, it also demonstrates that improving peoples’ financial lives is completely solvable.      

Duration: 1 episode / Length: 50-minutes

Likely Listeners: Anybody that feels – lesser than – in their knowledge of money. Parents and Gen Z that seeks financial independence. Entrepreneurs, policy makers, educators, people carrying debt or guilt when it comes to financial stability.               

Rank: A – Absolutely worth the listen!

  1. Revisionist History (Single Episode)

Season 2 Episode 3:  Miss Buchanan’s Period of Adjustment

Our Take: Although best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell is well into Season 6 of his podcast hit Revisionist History, we recommend taking a trip back to Season 2, Episode 3. Miss Buchanan’s Period of Adjustment looks at the less talked about impact of the Supreme Court ruling Brown vs. The Board of Education: the loss of talented teachers dismissed because of their race. Sure, Brown Vs. Board of Education is well known, but Malcolm dives into the language of the ruling and its generational impact on education. It has even more meaning today given the divisions in schools and courts related to curriculum and culture. It also includes original archival interviews with teachers during desegregation. It is an ear-opening reminder of how bias and intent matters. Listen to every season if you have the time, but if you only have 37 minutes, this episode should not be missed.   

Length: 1 Episode / Length: 37 minutes  

Parents, teachers, students, retirees, policy makers, SCOTUS blog subscribers, law students, elected officials, members of the Supreme Court, fans of history, the law, social justice, and learning.     

Rank: A – Absolutely worth the listen!

4 Pivot  (Weekly)

Our Take: Sometimes it’s nice to listen to other people argue about the news. Who has time to go deep on crypto or social platform algorithms? Leading technology journalist Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway deliver their hot takes like a brother and sister duo fighting for the mic. If you get nostalgic thinking about arguments you had with your siblings growing up, you’ll enjoy their free-form and sometimes cutting debates about all things tech.  In addition to entertaining chemistry, what sets them apart is their tremendous access to leaders in technology who impact every aspect of digital life. They tackle relevant topical issues every week, and worth a listen when a topic or guest piques your curiosity. Episodes occur twice a week, each Tuesday & Friday

Length: Average episode length: 50 minutes (but man, sometimes they go long)

Likely Listeners: News cycle addicts, parents of digital natives, early tech adopters, people that fear the impact of technology on humanity. It will also satisfy entrepreneurs, and people that know what “HTML” stands for without having to use Google.      

Rank: B- Better than most!   

5 Suspect  (Series)

Our Take: Complicated cases give audiences an earful like the new series Suspect. In this who dunnit? murder case that occurred in Redmond, Washington, the series moves from exploring evidence, the approach of police investigators and attorneys, and neighbor interviews – to something more. In matters of law and justice there are enormous and consequential gray areas impacted by the decision-making of the individuals throughout the system of justice. Suspect brings potential bias to light in the decisions to charge, interpretations of suspect behaviors, investigative assumptions, protocol missteps, the role of race, and juror views on forensic findings. If you are looking for a new murder show that will keep you guessing, there are plenty of suspects to choose from here. 

Length: 9 Episodes / Average between 35-40 minutes      

Likely Listeners: Crime Junkies, frequent viewers of 48 hours, Dateline and 20/20, along with the Law & Order and CSI Las Vegas (It’s back) faithful. It will also appeal to creators and people most likely to own or gift a genetics or ancestry subscription.

A – Absolutely worth the listen


How We Rank:

A- Absolutely worth a listen!   B- Better than most!    C- Average Audio/may not hold your attention          D- Don’t listen now, development needed        F- Frustrating/Friends & Family of the Creator only

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