One of the most challenging and frustrating issues for content creators and their potential audiences is curation.  If you want to take a swing at experiencing new content and engaging with creatives, we are here for it.  

Welcome to the Swing for it! blog. What’s good?  What’s not worth a listen? How do I find my next great show?  The struggle is real. 

Destinations like Amazon Prime have mastered the art of personalization.  Sometimes it feels like they know what you want before you, and just like that, you’ve ordered up a unique find or impulse buy. They know you and they know what you want.  

As passionate audio files, the proliferation of podcast content has been exhilarating!  After experiencing a great find, we become recommendation engines with friends, family and coworkers, shaping the content consumption of everyone around us.  But why limit that sharing of great finds?  That’s why we’re creating The Listen by SWING/MG! 

Simply check our blog or subscribe to our newsletter and enjoy The Listen!  We’ve listen to the good, the bad and the downright weird shows out there! Swing by if you crave something new and let us know if you like The Listen by sharing with people in your life or passing along your own suggestions to include for others.

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