Shows Like Abbott Elementary Help Save Network Television!

In recent a recent interview with actress, comedian and star on the hit series Abbott Elementary Lisa Anne Walter commented about the show’s impact thanks to its creator and star, Quinta Brunson.

She described the show’s success as single handedly saving network television!  We agree that show’s like this can create appointment television and contribute to reminding people about the opportunity for storytelling on network tv. 

We need more programs to ensure that the network model- which has proven revenue streams based on reach and performance, survive the streaming wars.

It is commonplace to write off network tv as only delivering value through sports and live events, but we think there is an opportunity to grow audiences once again. Original television programming with heart and impact led to the rise of  “must see” TV and collective conversations about social issues and life. Streaming platforms will continue to thrive as the world of entertainment, led by US audiences has become a subscription marketplace. This will inevitably create financial challenges for viewers and spark even more streaming consolidation that resembles the heyday of cable.

We think there is plenty of room for both network and streaming services.  After all, history has shown us that TV programming like Seinfeld and Suits can surge in popularity through new audiences over long periods of time.

We look forward to five or ten years from now when people discover Abbott on a streaming service for their first time, but not at the the loss of its position on network television today.

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