Nostalgic for Norman Leer

In December, a centuries old storyteller made his final appearance on this earth but his indelible mark on entertainment and society will live on forever.

Norman Lear was a storytelling catalyst, writer, producer, author, military serviceman, and advocate for democracy and ordinary people.

When thinking about the stories yet to tell, he is also the ultimate teacher. In death, this past December, tributes replayed clips from some of his most powerful programs like All in The Family, The Jefferson’s, Maude, Sanford & Son, and Good Times.

We cannot help but think what people today would think about his scenes and approach to stories. Would his programs even be allowed on network TV today? How would his programs be received if people watched full seasons as a part of their streaming consumption? Would it spark a new generation of conversations?

As a new company, we have just started to craft stories at Swing/MG. We marvel at the high bar Norman Lear set at a time of turbulent change in the world, and we hope to honor that legacy by using our stories to move people toward a better understanding of the experience of others.

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