Jump On Our Soap Box!

Congratulations General Hospital for sixty years on air! While daytime television is often looked down upon by many, we say keep the soaps bubbling! In fact, if you have any doubt about soap operas’ power and importance, try and catch the documentary “History of The Soaps” on Reelz.

The storytelling introduced by early pioneering women of daytime television has created a foundation for what has become possible on the small screen, including critical story line firsts. Social topics like abortion, sexuality, assault, and divorce drove engagement and conversation, and at times, controversy, for decades. Daytime paved the way for long-running nighttime network standouts, from Desperate Housewives to Grey’s Anatomy. We love the soaps of today like General Hospital that continue to entertain fans and uphold the legacy of the soaps.

We intend to celebrate the soaps by giving fans a new audio show to complement their daily viewing. ABC recently aired a 60th Anniversary Special for General Hospital, and in true soap opera fashion, it revealed the return of one of today’s most beloved GH characters, Jason Morgan, played by the one and only Steve Burton.

This has inspired us to celebrate the soaps the best way we know how; by creating more fan conversations about the show. Stay tuned GH fans!

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