GH Admittedly Fans! Episode 3 Trivia Answers!

We are excited about all the positive reviews and listens! For those interested in the answers and links to Episode 3 trivia, here you go!

      1.  What is Damien Spinelli’s nickname?

          The Jackal

      2.  Lisal Obrecht is the mother of Dr. Britt Westbourne, who is her father? And for bonus q what is his relationship to Anna


Cesar Faison

     3.  What General Hospital character bought Spoon Island as a present for his girlfriend, prior to it going on to become a Cassidine mainstay property?


Ned Ashton Quartermaine- back in 1989 Fiancé Dawn Bishop, daughter of Monica Q

      4.  Guess how many Oscar Winners that appeared/worked on soap operas? Can you name any?

             Link:   69 Oscar Winners according to IMDB Some highlights include:

Cathy Bates One Life to Live, All My Children

Chris Cooper- All My Children, Another World

Robert De Niro- Search for Tomorrow

Lionardo DiCaprio- Santa Barbara

Olymbia Dukakis- Search For Tomorrow

Morgan Freeman- Ryan’s Hope, Another World

Celest Holmes- As The World Turns, Loving, Falcon Crest

Allison Janney- Guiding Light, As The World Turns

Tommy Lee Jones- One Life to Live

Kevin Kline- Search for Tomorrow

Melissa Leo- All My Children

Julianne Moore- As The World Turns, Another World

Brad Pitt- Another World, Dallas

Tim Robbins- Santa Barbara

Susan Sarandon- A World Apart, Search For Tomorrow

JK Simons- All My Children

Elizabeth Taylor- General Hospital, All My Children

Marisa Tomei- As the World Turns

Christopher Walkin- Guiding Light

       5 How many times has Jason Morgan been married and to whom?

           1) Brenda Barrett (2002–2003) 2) Courtney Matthews (2003–2004) 3) Sam McCall (2011–2018) 4) Carly Corinthos (2021)


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