General Hospital Admittedly Fans Trivia Answers Episodes 1 & 2!

For those interested in learning more about the answers to General Hospital Admittedly Fans! Trivia in Episode 1 & Episode 2, all the details and links can be found below!


GH Admittedly Fans! Episode 1 Trivia Answers!


  1. Who was Dr. Patrick Drake’s crazy ex-girlfriend:  Lisa Niles
  2. How many actors played Jason Morgan? The SIX Jasons:  Quinn Carlson (1981–1982), Bryan Beck (1982–1988), Steve Burton (1991–2012, 2017–2021), Carmel Fainbaum (2012), Billy Miller (2014–2017), Paul Chirico (2017)
  3. Who wrote the book about Spinelli?  “The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli” was released on April 5, 2011, coinciding with the series’ 48th anniversary on April 1, as well as a similar novel-writing on-screen storyline.[20]Written by fellow costar Carolyn Hennesy, the book reached New York Times Best Seller  
  4. What product did Tracy inherit to save the family fortune: Following Edward Quartermaine’s death In 2013, the infamously greedy Tracy Quartermaine was enraged to find she had been cut out of her father’s will and was left only a single jar of Pickle Lila relish Read More:
  5. What and who are part of the Maxie Jones Death Curse?  It stands at if Austin is really dead… 
    • #1 Maxie Jones Death Curse Began with First Love Jesse Beaudry on GH
    • #2 Cooper Barrett Died on General Hospital After Crushing on Maximista!
    • #3 Logan Hayes was Just a Fling, Then Dead – Maxie’s Curse Strikes Again
    • #4 Franco & Maxie Had a Thing on General Hospital – Remember?
    • #5 Levi Dunkleman Deserved the Death Curse on GH
    • #6 Nathan West’s Tragic Death Crushed GH Fans
    • #7 Peter August was Maxie Jones’ Latest Death Curse Victim on GH
    • #8 Could it be Austen Gatlin Holt- or does he live??

GH Admittedly Fans Episode 2 Trivia Answers!


  1. Who shot young Michael Corinthos in a warehouse landing him in a long-term coma? Claudia Zaccara ordered the hit! Answer link: 
  2. Kate Howard was the new neighbor and girlfriend of Sunny Corinthos. What was her real name and who was she related to?Answer Link:  Connie Falconari, cousin of Olivia and Dante
  3. How many times was Laura Spencer married and to whom was she wed? Answer: Six times to four men! Link: Scotty, Luke, Stavros and Kevin   Scotty Baldwin (1979–1981, 2013–2014) Luke Spencer (1981–2001, 2006) Stavros Cassadine (1982) Kevin Collins (2017–present)
  4. In honor of Lucky’s return how many characters on General Hospital currently are a part of the Spencer family? And for extra points, can you name them?   The answer is 13! Link:,in%20the%20Port%20Charles%20community.  The Spencer family is represented by: Laura, Carly, Michael, Josslyn, Cameron, Jake, Aiden, Rocco, Charlotte, Wiley, Donna, Amelia (Lucky and LuLu would make 15!)
  5. What was the name of the cult that Christina fell prey to and what was the name of the cult leader?  Answer link:  Cult Name: Dawn of Day, Leader: Shiloh / Hank Archer


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