General Hospital Admittedly Fans Podcast Is Here!

General Hospital Fans have a new home to engage with other fans about top story lines, pet peeves and play a little GH Trivia!

The new podcast features a group of fans chatting each month about all things GH! The first two episodes were recorded in February and capture all the excitement about the return of OG actor Steve Burton as Jason Morgan, and Jonathan Jackson reprising the role of Lucky Spencer. Jason’s return is slated for March 4th and we are here for it! The new show features deep cuts and theories from die hard fans.

AND, the show is open for other GH fans to participate in an upcoming show! If you or a few of your GH Admittedly Fan friends are interested, just click on the contact button here at and tell us who you are and why you’d like to join a new episode. You will also be able to learn about updates and new episodes on Instagram @ghadmittedlyfans.

Soap Fans can check out General Hospital Admittedly Fans Episodes on Apple, Google, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts!

A clip of episode 1 is available here:

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