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Calling all General Hospital fans! Join our LOL conversations about top story lines, pet peeves, trivia, future plots and more! 

About GH Admittedly Fans!

Soap opera fans are passionate loyal and opinionated! Twice a month, General Hospital Admittedly Fans! brings together fans to sound off, revisit favorite characters, discuss top storylines and pet peeves, Each episode also includes five trivia questions that often lead to a spirited debate.  If you are a soap fan and want a few laughs, this is the podcast for you! Never more than thirty minutes, GH A.F. expands the viewing experience to audio with diehard fans that know how to have a good time!   

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OMG I so enjoyed the podcast dude, was laughing the whole way home! Brilliant and I don’t even know most of the characters! Can’t believe someone mentioned Lucky and Elizabeth soooo loved them 30 yrs ago.  “AGE THE CHILDREN” I almost peed my pants.

…loving all the ways they think Jason would return and totally agreed about the missing montages for Bobbi’s memorial! Loved it!

I love the podcast! This is exactly the kind I listen to for shows I watch.  It’s hysterical!

Omfg!!! Your podcast is f***ing amazing! I can honestly say it has been the best part of my week so far!

Seriously, the only thing wrong with the podcast is that you all can’t hear me and respond when I join in on the conversation! I ended up watching Fridays episode of GH last night and it was so good because many of the things you and your squad wished for came true!

 I’m down with Lulu and Dante getting back together, and also Sam and Jason, which was controversial among you ladies. Anyway, there was so much awesomeness on the podcast, I can’t remember it all. Next episode I’m taking notes Thanks for making me laugh my ass off and take a stroll down memory lane You definitely have a hit on your hands!

I really liked it. You guys have great chemistry and heartfelt laughter. The structure has it over the other GH podcasts, which I only listened to for comparison.

Recent Episodes

Episode 3: The Last show before Jason Returns!

In this 26-minute episode, the panel of T, J, Malin and G discuss the confrontation between Nina and Sonny (finally…), Drew and Carly’s intense chat at “Kelly-Bobbies,” recent Stone name-dropping, Jagger/John argues with everyone, that ho Scotty and the return of Jason + Morgan.    

Season 1, Episode 3    |   26min

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